Gildi 8, 2. korrus, kabinet 230, Tartu 51007, telefonid 744 1372 ja 742 3507, e-mail



Endocrinology Centre was established in 2002. Endocrinology Centre’s aim is to offer high quality endocrine care to out-patients and engage in professional scientific activities. Since 2004 Endocrinology Centre has a contract with the Estonian Sick Fund and in 2006 was included into the registry of R@D institutions kept at the Estonian Ministry of Culture and Education. Currently Endocrinology Centre is participating in the EUthyroid project.

In Endocrinology Centre specialists diagnose and treat diabetes, diseases of thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, suprarenal glands, pituitary and sexual glands, growth disorders, but also disturbances of water, mineral and fat metabolism.

Endocrinology Centre is located at Tartu City Policlinic, in the centre of the city at

Gildi Street 8, 2nd floor, room 230

   Telephones:  +372 7441 372 and +372 742 3507